Association Goals

  • To perpetuate the memory of the Greek Jews, who were exterminated durint the Holocaust by the Germans in the annihilation camps and in Greece itself.
  • To preserve the heritage of Greek Judaism, and its glorious comminities, and expecially the most valued among them, the community of Saloniki.
  • To preserve the rights of the members of the Association against privation of their freedom, harm to their health and beeing engaged in servile sork while under the German hotnailed boots.
  • To help the needy members of the Association, the invalids and the sick, and support and strengthen them materially and spiritually.
  • To hold social and cultural activities to benefit the members.
  • To maintain contact with other organizations of surveivors and fighters against the nazis in Israel and abroad.
  • To interlace the young members, descendants of the escaped, in the Association’s activities, in particular in the subject of perpetuation of memory.

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