The Association’s Institutions

and Committees

The Association is a registration of non profitable organization.

The General Assembly is the highest Institution of the Association.

The Association’s Directorate and the Control Committee are elected once at 4 years by the General Assembly.

The Directorate

The Diractorate has 9 members. The members are:

  • Chairman;                       Moshe Haelion.
  • Deputy Chairman:          Moshe Matza.
  • Secretary:                       Rachel Haelion-Meseritz.
  • Treasurer:                        Avraham (Tuly)  Eshkenazy.
  • Member:                          Sharona Lazar (Kalamaro).
  • Member:                          Shmuel Masot.
  • Member:                          Haim Sustiel.
  • Member:                          Avraham Kovo.
  • Member:                          Yzhak Kapetas.

The Control Committee

The control committee has 3 members. The members are:

  • Chairman:                       Shmuel Shevach.
  • Member:                          Shmuel Amon.
  • Member:                          Rachel Pinkas.


  • Aaron Alkapes, Tami Amarel, Rachel Levi, David (Dario) Zevi.


In the frame of the Association act the following Committees apponted by the Directorate:

  • Events Committee.
  • Perpetuation Committee.
  • Editiorial Board of the Association’s organ “Kot Ha-Nitsolim” (The Voice of Survivors).
  • Financial Aid Committee.
  • Reception Committee (of new members and sympathizers to the Association).
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