The Foundation

The Association of Survivors of Concentration Camps of Greek Origin living in Israel was founded on March 1953, ten years after the extermination of the Jews of Greece and the destruction of their Communities – the principal of them the Community of Saloniki, which had won the titles of “Cily-Mother of Israel” and “Jerusalem of the Balkan” – and eight years after the release of the inmates from the German annihilation camps.

The founders of the Association were: Avraam Tszrfati, Yosef Kalamaro, Shemuel Harari, Haim Aruch, David Hayim of blessed memory.

The founders worked voluntarily with determination, devotion and full energy in order to attain the idea uttered not a long time before, and this despite the difficult conditions they had to confront. This occurred, it is to be kept in mind, a jew years after the end of the Israeli Independence war. The founders and those who had to be the members of the organization later on – the survivors from the camps, with number on their arms – had, in mostly, immigrated to the land of Israel since 1945 and till the establishment of the State of Israel on 1948, had participated in the war, and werein the very process of absorption. This process was very hard in those years, since the assistance of the state was minimal, and the individual had to take care of himself and of his new family, and to solve his own problems as best he could.

The chairmen of the Association who served over the years the late Moris Moshe (1954-1984) and Raul (Yom-Tov) Saporta (1984-2001).

Regarding the executive of the Association nowadays, see further in “Institutions”.

The eleced executived of the association led by their chairmen, succeeded to promote the goals of the Association. One of the main achievements was to propagate the fact that Sepharadic Jews too had been annihilated during the Holocaust.

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